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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach to health care, meaning it treats the body as a whole rather than as a collection of symptoms. It’s also non-invasive and safe. Dr. Bourque likes to say, “If you’ve tried A and B, chiropractic is C-conservative.” Whatever your goals, we at Enerchi Chiropractic and Wellness, PLLC want to help you attain your optimal level of health.

Manual Therapies

Dr Erin holding patients armJoint restrictions usually occur in tandem with soft tissue problems: the tissue around the joint becomes inflamed, taut, and swollen, which causes the fascia over the muscles to become tight and pull on the joints, which further increases the joint restriction.

The chiropractic adjustment gets the joints moving again. We prefer manual adjustments because the hands-on approach is highly effective as well as more comforting to the body than using instruments. However, all patients are different, and we are happy to use the Activator® instrument for those who prefer it.

We then provide other manual therapies to address the soft tissue conditions. Some of the therapies we offer include

  • Myofascial release: performed with the hands and thumbs to break up adhesions in the fascia
  • Myofascial decompression (also called cupping): suction pulls the fascia up into the cup, separating it from the muscle to remove adhesions, allowing the fascia to glide normally over the muscle
  • Scraping (also called gua sha): a technique utilizing a scraping tool to break up scar tissue in the muscles and fascia

Different Approaches

Sometimes you get a haircut you don’t like, but that doesn’t mean you never go to a hair salon again. The same is true with chiropractic-if you didn’t get relief with one doctor, it doesn’t mean your situation is hopeless. Many of our patients were referred to us by patients who weren’t helped by other doctors, but who found great results with our comprehensive approach to care.

Don’t Wait-Start Today

Because techniques are conservative and safe, we can usually treat you at your first visit, and that’s always our goal-to give you some improvement that same day. Contact us today to book your first appointment.

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