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Dr. Erin Bourque

Dr. Erin Bourque

Dr. Bourque was putting herself through college as a waitress when a customer who was impressed by her work ethic offered her a job as a chiropractic assistant in his office. She knew nothing about chiropractic, but she was fascinated. Seeing how chiropractic care dramatically improved patients’ lives was all it took-Dr. Bourque knew then that she wanted to become a chiropractor herself.

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Parker Gregory

Parker Gregory

Parker is a native Houstonian who came back to his roots after spending 11 years in NYC pursuing a long and successful career in the fashion industry. Parker is the husband of Dr. Bourque and they share one son, Levi. He is passionate about health and fitness and has been an endurance coach since 2011. Not only has Parker participated in multiple triathlons and other various endurance sports over the years, but he also personally trains like-minded athletes both online and in person.

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